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Antonio Cantalapiedra

Are you interested in tech and how data can change cities and improve life in cities? Come to our VrijMiBo on the 10th of May in Heraklion. Come and listen and watch the presentation of CEO Prof. Antonio Cantalapiedra (ES) about his company “Digital Twins” by Optynamics.

Example: We can create a 3D copy of Heraklion City and then with data input predict a possible future. What will happen in the city when in the near future it rains 15cm of water in one day? What traffic jams will happen if there are two football matches and a pop concert at the same time in the city?
YOU will learn and see how with a 3D model of a city we can predict problems and solve them before they happen.

Antonio will speak about his life as a tech entrepreneur. Second show us on a screen a live 3D model of a real city that is already working with his software. How, with data input, you can predict the future and solve the city’s problems and make life better for all its people.

The Smart Cities movement has come a long journey in the last decade. Digital Twins are the next step along the way as technologists and city scientists work out what’s real, what adds value and what works mathematically and ethically speaking. They’ve moved from theory to real infrastructure. Today city halls, developers and startups manage IoT, high-performance computers and quantum computing, and even Digital Twins, which allow for planning, 3D simulations and predictions before the consequences ever reach reality.  

Partnerships among entities make it possible to achieve tangible goals and raise the quality of life with a focus on equality and sustainability. What’s in store for the future of cities around the world? 

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Antonio Cantalapiedra Asensio

Let me introduce Antonio Cantalapiedra Asensio who is a notable figure in the technology and startup scene, particularly for his role as the co-founder and CEO of Mytaxi app. (now known as Free Now, bought by Daimler).

His educational background is extensive, with degrees in Communication & Public Relations, International Relations, Law & Political Science, an MBA from ICADE Business School, and additional studies at Georgetown and ESADE Business Schools. Working on his PhD on mobility and Virtual Digital Twins within the framework of MIT (Boston, USA) and ICAI (Spain).

Cantalapiedra’s journey with Mytaxi began as part of the founding team and he played a pivotal role in its growth and success. Under his leadership, mytaxi became the first free Taxi App allowing users to order and pay via smartphone majorly in Southern Europe. His approach to business, focusing on local market understanding and respect for city regulations, set Mytaxi apart from competitors like Uber.

Cantalapiedra’s strategic city-by-city approach and commitment to improving urban mobility and sustainability were key factors in Mytaxi’s growth, especially in Spain, where he turned an underfunded experiment into the company’s largest and most successful market. Moreover, he was co-founder and CEO of Woonivers, a revolutionary fintech/tax tech company acquired by a Fintech Spanish company, Sipay.

In addition to mytaxi, Cantalapiedra has been involved in various startups and educational initiatives. He is a shareholder and board member of startups like Balandra Software and Binfluencer. His expertise spans across blockchain, IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. He’s also a mentor, international speaker, and professor, teaching Marketing & Economics at universities like ESADE, UA.X, UCLM, Sergio Arboleda and IE Business School.

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