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Harrie Roozendaal

Founder VrijMiBo

I’m an expat from the Netherlands living with my 4 dogs at Crete now for almost 13 years in the bustling city of Heraklion. I love Heraklion, it’s an old city but has a bustling nightlife and lots of culture to offer to its people and visitors. The city is never boring, and its people offer a lot of energy. Yes, the city is filthy and a bit neglected and raw, it reminds me of Amsterdam at the 80’s start of the 90’s but it’s busting of new innovations by its inhabitants. I love the energy of the new Greek generation of entrepreneurs, most schooled in other parts of Europe bringing back their experience to Crete and mixing them with the famous Greek hospitality.

I own two companies in the Netherlands a web-hosting company and a web design company, both companies I supervise from home at Crete. My clients are other companies from the Netherlands and their businesses different from clothing companies to accountants. Each of them gives a different energy to me that I transfer back to them to motivate and guide them to sell as much as possible. Selling real products, and services or generating leads, with +25 years of doing business I will share my expertise with my clients and motivate them to grow their own business.

About VrijMiBo

Last year in May, I encountered a group of young Greek entrepreneurs in Heraklion who have established some remarkable businesses. We exchanged fantastic ideas and shared our enthusiasm, which sparked the idea of organizing a VrijMiBo in Heraklion. VrijMiBo stands for “Vrijdag Middag Borrel” meaning “Friday afternoon drink.”

Originally, VrijMiBo gatherings took place in offices in the Netherlands where employers treated their employees to a drink at the end of the workweek. However, due to new (alcohol-related) legislation, these gatherings shifted to local bars or clubs. These gatherings evolved into networking events where professionals from various offices would come together. These gatherings feature entertainment such as DJs, dancers, acts, motivational speakers or product presentations.                                 

As the founder of VrijMiBo in Crete, it’s my aim to host a monthly networking event filled with extraordinary entertainment, where like-minded individuals can meet, discuss business and inspire each other.

Looking forward to talking and connecting with you during the VrijMiBo.

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