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Vivie Filippidi

Sponsorship Manager VrijMiBo

Hi! I’m Vivie, the Sponsorship Manager at VrijMiBo, specializing in building strategic partnerships and connecting brands with unique promotional opportunities.

With a background experience in Sales overall and Event Sales, I come from a demonstrated past in the hospitality industry and Saas sector. This journey has equipped me with a robust skill set in Corporate & Leisure Industry dynamics, Sales strategies, Tourism Management, Project Management, and Leadership.

My passion lies in fostering genuine relationships with clients, built on trust and mutual success. While I thrive in fast-paced environments and approach challenges with creativity and enthusiasm, I am also passionate about living a balanced life, which has led me to the creation of my side project Phenomnia Yoga Events which fosters individuals to connect with their passion and purpose to live a happier life on Earth so they can keep their productivity in all aspects high.

I am here to network, share insights, and explore potential collaborations. Let’s connect and see how we can create impactful opportunities together.

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